Embankments and maritime works consolidation


Almost all industries need an always-on power supply in order to function correctly. Often, however, for different needs, a company may need to sea or river works to receive the right amount of electricity suiting the daily requirements of their business.

An energy supply of this type require special installations that only highly qualified companies like C.T.E. Construction Techno Electric Spa are able to achieve. The presence of electricians constantly formats allows the company to carry out excavations and surveys useful to assess the condition of the surrounding terrain and perform the most suitable electrical installation.

In addition, C.T.E. Construction Techno Electric is able to perform operations of consolidation of dikes and breakwaters , in order to ensure the correct distribution of electricity, as well as the safety of the system.

Our expertise in maritime and river infrastructure


You must consider that the energy sector is very sensitive and dangerous, so it is vital that both treated and conveyed only by competent companies also able to transport large amounts of energy to industrial plants which is known to require a lot of electricity.

The excellent maintenance is one of the factors that made C.T.E. Construction Techno Electric Spa in Acqui Terme, Alessandria, industry leaders, because the constant supervision of the power equipment allows each company to operate at full efficiency and above all safety.

To provide every industrial company of electrical systems that fully meet the legal criteria would result in a more satisfactory exploitation of energy resources, with the consequent cost reduction: C.T.E. Construction Techno Electric Spa operates daily to accomplish this.