The high versatility of the CTE, the allocation of aircraft and the latest technology, combined with the high degree of specialization of workers, allow us to work in any environment.

All vehicles and major equipment are provided with identification documents and follow a regular maintenance program run by the head office so the staff on site is notified whenever a means requires maintenance, which will take place for specialized mechanical hand will travel on the spot with factory wagons equipped for any intervention.
a certificate of conformity, the booklets for use and maintenance of machinery and test certificates and / or audit, are cataloged and stored at the central office.

in the field of surveys and special works we have tools for geotechnical monitoring , hydrogeological and environmental, elicotterabili probes, electrical probes and probes combustion engine, truck mounted and crawler, rafts for rivers and lakes …

in the area of ​​ power lines we have all equipment ‘ vanguard of hydraulic type such as winches, hydraulic brakes, presses, falcons, autocestelli, trucks with cranes, truck cranes up to 60 mt, etc …

from the years eighty we are equipped with tools and qualified technical personnel and specialized for the design, while taking advantage of qualified external professional studies, and the latest electronic instruments (total stations and other optical instruments, electronic measuring instruments, graphics software and computing, Plotter etc.).

our technical department is able to draw up projects for providing “turnkey” of the plants.

Dynamism and flexibility, combined with a constant investment policy in new equipment and technological updating, they led the CTE to ensure a final product always live up to the customer needs.