Knowing the subsoil


An in-depth knowledge of the subsurface composition is crucial for any business who wishes to run in a defined area. To evaluate the conditions in which the subsoil versa or to determine different components, it is necessary to operate with specific and highly technological methods of investigation. The geognostic , in this regard, allow to analyze the soil in depth to the feedback of its geological features and geotechnical .

It can use several methods to perform the drilling and survey: from traditional techniques, such as rods and cariotiere, to the most advanced technologies, such as, for example, the wire – line technology , otherwise known as “core barrel with rope”, that is particularly advantageous to greater depths and allows a much higher operation speed.

Soil and subsoil  analysis services

The C.T.E. Construction Techno Electric S.p.A., based in Acqui Terme Alessandria, specializes in this important area for every industrial and civil activities. In particular, our company performs:

geological excavations

• geognostic

• borehole tests

• sampling

• geotechnical monitoring

• hydrological monitoring

Thanks to the perfection of technology in our possession, we can perform inclined holes up to a depth of over 500 meters.

This wealth of knowledge and experience is one of the pillars that move the entire C.T.E. Construction Techno Electric Spa: company renowned in Italy and abroad for higher quality facilities and executed works.